How To Resolve HP Printer Error 79?

HP Printer Error 79 is a very common issue and generally occurs due to a corrupt operation with regards to printing. However, when there is a miscommunication between the spooler and the printer that can also be a cause for this error code. Your HP printer may not work if you are getting this problem, and you need is to solve this as soon as possible to start your printing job once again. To resolve the error 79 of your HP printer, you can follow the instructions given in this article. This article will provide you the complete idea about the error code 79 and the quick hacks to resolve it.


What Are The Causes Of HP printer service error 79

There are several causes for the HP printer 79 service error, some of are as follows.

  • An outdated or damaged firmware in HP printer – If the firmware gets damaged, then a miscommunication occurs between the spooler and the printer which generates this error code.
  • Wire connectivity issue – Check every wire connectivity sections because a loose connection may result in the error code 79 in HP printer.
  • Damaged hardware in HP printer – If any part of the printer gets damaged, then it may be a cause of this error code.

Dealing With HP Printer Error 79 Easily

If you are not able to identify the cause of error 79. Then you can follow the below steps one after another to solve the issue. Here we are providing you some of the ways to solve 79 service error hp laserjet pro 200.

For the first time if you are visiting the 79 service error Hp printer, then before going to the experts try some simple procedures to solve the issue on your own.

Fix The External Cables And Then Turn It On

To solve the error code 79 in HP printer at first, you can turn off the system along with your printing machine. And then check all the connection ports, after that restart the system and check whether the problem gets fixed. And if not then go through the procedures as below.

Note: Try to connect the printer power cable directly on the switchboard.

Update Firmware In HP Printer

In most of the cases, Service Error 79 on HP Printer is responsible for the firmware related issues. To solve the error code 79, you need to go through the steps as below.

If at the time of printing a document, suddenly an error 79 blinks on the printer display then you need to turn off the printer and quit the printing job.

  1. First turn on the printer, then go to the home menu.
  2. Now press on the Settings, which will be displayed at the top of the home menus in HP printer.
  3. After that scroll down until you see the Service option and hit on it.
  4. Under Service, you need to go to the LaserJet Update. Then press on Check for Updates Now.
  5. Now, it will take a long time to find an update if available. Do not interrupt while the searching process is on. If any updated firmware is present for your HP printer, then it will download and install it on your system ( A caution message will be seen before downloading the firmware, try to maintain the instruction. If any disturbance happens during the process then there is a chance for more defects).

Note: If you are not able to find any firmware on the network then try to search for it on the HP official page.

These are the simple and effective procedures to fix error 79 Hp printer.

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