How to Fix HP Laptop Error Code 0xc0000225?

HP is a well-known brand among laptops, notebooks, and tablet. It has some notable features like Intel HD graphics, 8GB RAM, etc. It comes with excellent design and user-friendly. Thus, making these laptops suitable for both office and personal use. However, being, an electronic device it is not free from flaws and glitches. Users often encounter different hp laptop error codes.

Although, HP laptops are durable and light-weight. Its user interface is also attractive. Despite advanced features, users often come across different issues while working with HP laptops. HP error code 0xc0000225 is one such complicated error.

The HP Notebook Error code 0xc0000225 generally happening when a required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed or when the surface of the disc is dirty. The other causes are system restore, the issue with recovery path on the USB drive, and an invalid object in the Boot Configuration Data store, etc. So what the reasons are in front of happening this error! You can efficiently Fix HP Laptop Error Code 0xc0000225, just by applying some troubleshooting steps that are given below.

Fix HP Error Code 0xc0000225

Steps to Fix HP Laptop Error Code 0xc0000225:-

Step 1:- Perform the Hard Disk Drive and Memory Test

Please follow the below-given instructions to perform the task:-

  • First, you should try to “Turn OFF” the Notebook
  • Then press the “Power ON” the Notebook and stay tapping the “Escape” Key during the startup to enter the Start-up Menu
  • Now you will need to choose the BIOS option “F10”, and under the “Advanced” or “Diagnostic” tab.
  • Now you should look the facility to run tests on both the Hard Disk Drive and Memory.

 If you are unable to follow these steps, so you can take HP tech support help to do this comprehensive manner.

Step 2: Use the Advanced Startup Option

Before getting this HP Error Code 0xc0000225, did you create a Recovery Media Flash Drive or did you delete any partitions on the C drive? If yes, then you should try to immediate follow these steps.

  • Press the “Power” button and immediately start tapping the “F11” key.
  • Then you should get you to the “Advanced Startup Options” menu.
  • Now you have to select “Repair Your Computer” option.
  • In case this the option “Repair Your Computer”, didn’t work, then you should restart your PC again and go back to the “Advanced Startup Options” menu as before and this time choose “startup repair” option.

Now you can try a refresh your Windows 8 which might assist to fix the error code 0xc0000225.

Step 3:- Try to Use System Recovery

  • Please try F11 Key during startup.
  • Then choose the Internal CD/DVD Drive.
  • Next, choose “System Recovery” option under “Recovery Manager”.
  • Now, follow the On-Screen steps to complete the installation process.

 Hope all the above steps will help you resolve the issue.

But, still if this error persisting, then you should take experts help from the certified technicians to fix quickly.


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