How to Fix Error Code 0xC0000225 in Windows 10?

While working on the Windows-based system, you can often come across this error Error Code 0xC0000225 Windows 10 irrespective of the version of its OS. Usually, you can get the notification about this error code during the device startup. It will also display an additional ‘Info’ that states ‘An unexpected error has occurred’. Sometimes, you can also get this ‘Info’ as a Boot selection failure problem due to an inaccessible device. So, when you experience this error, it means the Windows couldn’t start on your PC. In this article, you will know a few causes of this Windows error and some technical methods to resolve them.

Error Code 0xC0000225 in Windows 10

How To Make Your Windows-Based PC Free From Error Code 0xc0000225?

In order to remove this 0xc0000225 message, you must be aware of some underlying causes that can trigger this Windows error. One of the most common issues that can generate this error code is due to missing or corrupt Boot Configuration Data(BCD). You can also experience this problem if the system files and registry entries in your PC are corrupted. Even you can also consider the technical malfunctioning in the disk file system and a defective hardware as the possible causes for producing this error message.

Methods You Can Apply To Fix Windows Error 0xc0000225

Method 1: Manually Rebuild/Repair The BCD

You have to restart your PC and insert the Windows Installation Disk in its CD/DVD drive. If you have the installation media on a USB flash drive, you can hit the appropriate key to boot your system from it. So, as the screen displays message ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’, enter any random button from your keyboard. On the Windows display, find the option ‘Repair your computer’. Then select ‘Troubleshoot’ and choose ‘Advanced options’. After this open the Command Prompt and type the following commands back to back. However, make sure to press the Enter button after typing each one of these commands. Hence, type bootrec/scanos, bootrec/fixmbr, bootrec/fixboot and the last one is bootrec/rebuildbcd. After this, reboot your PC and the error may stop appearing again.

Method 2: Fix BOOTMGR With Startup Repair

If you are using OS versions 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, you can scan your device using ‘Startup Repair’. It can identify the corrupt or missing system files in your PC and also repair BCD file that is problematic. To apply this method, follow the steps in Method 1 to reach ‘Repair your computer’ option. Then wait until the Startup Repair tool finishes the scanning process. You can also access the ‘System Repair’ from System Recovery Options window. As it finds the corrupted files causing the 0xc0000225 error, it attempts to repair BOOTMGR and restores the BCD file.

Method 3: Use Diskpart To Mark Partition As Active

Here also, you need to go to the ‘Command Prompt’ window by following the steps in other methods in this article. Then type ‘diskpart’ hit Enter key and write ‘list disk’ after ‘DISKPART>’ command. After this, the window will display the disk partition in your PC along with the memory sizes of each drive. Now, select the disk that needs reformatting (usually Drive C). So, type ‘select disk (your disk number)’ then hit Enter and write ‘list partition’ in the next command.  Finally, type ‘select partition (your disk number) then press ‘Enter’ key and write ‘activate’ in the next line. This will activate the disk partition in your PC and can fix the error code 0xc0000225.

Method 4: Scan And Check System File Disk

If you are getting this Windows error due to damaged disk or system files, you can run the disk check program and fix this problem. To do this, select the ‘Command Prompt’ from ‘Advanced Options’ and types the following commands by pressing the ‘Enter’ button after each command. These commands are sfc/scannow and chkdsk c: /f /r, where c refers to the drive that stores your Windows installation files.

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